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The Cheese Page

Welcome To The Cheese Page!
Hey, welcome to the most exciting page on the site! A page about cheese! I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese and decided to add a cheese page after my good friend and fellow Krayon Lotty (shes the best) asked if there was any cheese on here! And now there is!
I have always loved cheese and recently I have noticed how amazing it is! And it goes with everything too! I LOVE CHEESE! and you must love cheese too! or you will die, mwahahahaha!

Could You Live Without Cheese??

Cheese Should Be Made King!
Cheese goes with anything, on toast, on chips, on bread, on chocolate, by itself.....it is amazing! My favourite type of cheese is mild cheddar, and i don't like it rubbery, i like it all crumbly and cool! If you think I'm a bit silly for loving cheese so much, I would say you are probably right, I am silly but I have cheese so who cares about it right??

Everyone Should Join My Cheese Team!

Wanna Join?
Basically we sit down and eat large amounts of cheese! It's fun!

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese
Thanks for visiting the Cheese Page, hope you come again soon!
Oh and the worst kind of cheese, is stupid cheese like Will Young and Gareth Gates aka POP CHEESE! You can't even eat this kind of cheese so it should be banned!

And thanks to Lotty, who loves cheese almost as much as I do!