The Links Page

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Here are some links to the websites I like to go on. They are all very cool and interesting so you better visit them.....

System Of A Down
This is the official System site where you will find pictures, discography, chatroom, and loads of info about the band.
This is Tiff's site, shes wonderful and lovely and we all love her so visit the damn site!
Simplified Meadow
This is my bands website, we arent very good and we talk about masturbation alot but we will always, always eat alot and piss people off!
A very good site about Jackass made by the wonderful Ami De-Keyzer. This site is tres cool and has loadsa information
The Secret Hairdresser
The Secret Hairdresser are a very, very good band that I saw at the All-Dayer. They totally rock!
Pinc Krayon
This is the other band I'm in, we are al girls and we totally rock! We are going to make rock music all female again!
The New Picture Cookery Book
These gurlies are lovely and wonderful and they are soooo funny. The site is pink and has flashing banners, now thats enough reason for anyone to visit it
The Moon Office
The Moon Office are tres cool and this is their website
Story So Far
My boyfriend plays bass in this band. Yum
This is a site my best mate Luce recommended because it is very funny!
very cool site with loads to do and make sure u look at the hate list cos that is hilarious!!
A site all about Wicca, that shows alot of hard work and coolness
A personal site of my friend Limpet!

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