*A Beginner Who Is Learning*

Recently I decided to become a Wiccan. It is now my religion. Wicca is basically the religion of witch-craft although some people do not understand that we do not worship the devil and we cannot turn people into pigs and frogs, nor can we fly or become invisible.

Wiccan Beliefs
We believe in a God and Goddes who are equal. They are everywhere, inside of us, in a leaf, in an ant, in everything. As it is a nature based religion, we believe that everything has its place in nature. We do not believe in heaven or hell, as we believe we are reincarnated after death. The religion is centered around the idea of postive thought, positive use and love of nature

The Threefold Law
Basically, the law by which all Wiccans live by is this:
*Ever mind the rule of three
Three times your acts return to thee
This lesson well, thou must learn
Thou only gets what thee dost earn*

This means that whatever we do, it will return to us three times. In simplest form it means "you get what you give". For example, if you cause someone happiness, it will be returned to you although if you cause someone harm it will also return to you.