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*Proud To Be Who I Am*

This is another page on Wicca as I didnt have enough room on the other page. As I have only recently become a Wiccan I only know the basics. I suggest you visit Razor-Skies site to know more, the link can be found on the Links Page.

The Thirteen Goals Of A Witch
Thirteen is an important number to all witches. We try and live up to these thirteen goals:
*Know yourself
*Know your craft
*Apply knowledge with wisdom
*Achieve balance
*Keep your words in good order
*Keep your thoughts in good order
*Celebrate life
*Attune with the cycles of the earth
*Breathe and eat correctly
*Exercise the body
* Honor the Goddess and God

The Wiccan Rede
There are several variations of the Wiccan Rede although they carry the same message. The Rede dictates our traditions, morals and beliefs and are the general words that Wiccans live their lives by. The basic message of the Rede is this:
*An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will*
This means that as long as your magick harms no-one, then go ahead and do it!

The Sabbats

Sabbats are celebrated eight times a year. They all celebrate a cycle. Throughout the year acknowledgements are made to birth, life and death of all living things. We celebrate the life cycle of a plant, we celebrate the seasons changing, we remember the stories of the Goddess creating new life, the God and Goddess and maturing, creating life, aging and the God passing to be reborn (Wiccans believe in reincarnation). The sabbats are a celebration of the unending cycle that is life. It is also called "The Wheel Of The Year" beginnning with Yule (Christmas) and ending with Samhain (Halloween)- life to death, returning to life again.

*Useful Items*
These are a few useful things that Wiccans use:
*A Book Of Shadows: this is a book that Wiccans use to record their thoughts and feelings down in and also any chants and spells etc they have done.
*Candles: these are useful when performing spells and chants
*A Safe Place: used to store potions and herbs
*Pentacle: all Wiccans should posess a pentacle although you need to be careful you do not confuse the Wiccan penatcle with the pentacle that represents evil!

As I said before, I do only know the basics so please visit Razor-Skies site to learn more as she is more experienced than moi!