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The Music Page

*We Can't Afford To Be Neutral On A Moving Train*

Just thought I'd tell you about some of the music I like! All of my music ROCKS!! So there!

System Of A Down
SOAD are the best band in the whole fucking world! They are totally amazing! Download "Metro" because that is the coolest song ever. Members of SOAD are

*Serj Tankian- vocals

*Daron Malakian- guitar

*Shavo Odadjian- bass

*John Dolmayan- drums

Nirvana are my second favourite band. I think "Nevermind" is one of the best albums I have ever heard and I listen to it everyday. One of my favourite books is "Heavier Than Heaven, A Biography Of Kurt Cobain". It's a cool book and gives a fully detailed story of his life. I have 4 of the albums: Bleach, In Utero, Nevermind & Nirvana (greatest hits)

Muse are basically coolness turned into music! "Origin Of Symmetry" is an amazing cd! My fave song by Muse is either "Feelin' Good" or "Newborn"! I'm also probably the only person in the world who thinks Matthew Bellamy (lead singer) is cute!

Blink 182
I usually listen to Blink when I'm in a happy mood :) I like Blink 182 because they have cool songs and they sing about normal, every-day things. I also like BoxCar Racer, Tom Delonge's other band besides Blink. My fave songs by Blink are "Going Away To College", "Shutup" and "Adam's Song". Travis Barker is the drummer in the band and he is very cute and very cool.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
I haven't really liked RHCP for that long but I do listen to them quite a lot. My favourite song by them is either "Scar Tissue" or "By The Way". I don't really know much about them, I just know that I like them and that's all I really have to say...

Yay! Rock on all you funky people \m/(o)(o)\m/