The Band

Welcome to the Pinc-Krayon band page! We are a new band that can't play anything yet but are slowly pulling ourselves together and hopefully something will happen soon!

We have already been through a few names and Pinc-Krayon is probably the best one we have come up with. As things happen in the band I will be updating this page but for now I can only put down what has happened so far. Hopefully in the future, Pinc-Krayon will have their own website but for now this will have to do.

Pinc-Krayon Members
Faz: vocals
Bobblestomp: guitar and backing vocals
Lotty: bass
Razor-Skies: drums

Sarah is currently having drum lessons, Lotty can play bass and Bobble can play some guitar! Okay, so we aren't really a proper band yet but come on, these things take time you know!

Band Updates
11/02: Sarah has the wonderful idea of forming a band after she has a go on Mark Bowman's drum kitt and loves it! Soon, Bobble is recruited as guitarist and Faz as vocals although Bobble and Faz had originally had each others roles until we realised Faz couldn't play guitar!
2/12/02 Sarah and Faz come up with the jokey name 'Wazzo' and spend much of the day at skool wondering who their bassist could be. Kitt is considered but idea is quickly scrapped and he is made roadie. That evening, Faz and Lotty talk online and soon Lotty is made bassist! Wooo, the band is made!

I Love This Guy, He's So Happy With His Little Funky Hat!!